The Blu-ray player is a lie

brd In the beginning there was DVD, and we all said it was good. But then some jackass invented HD and all of a sudden our movies looked like crap. After a tussle that people kept calling a ‘war’ Sony has entered to help us with these things. They call it Blu-ray on the PlayStation 3.

Sony has called PS3 the best Blu-ray player on the market since launch day in November of 2007. A year later they are still sticking with that claim. Since it has online capability it has the functionality to be upgraded (BD Live coming soon!) so it should never be far from the top.

DVDTown just posted an editorial about this subject, going as far saying that it isn’t the best Blu-ray player. Problems from motion stutter to visual noise have been reported on the PS3 but not on dedicated players, like the newly released Panasonic DMP BD30.

Why shouldn’t a standalone player be the best? The PlayStation brand is not one that most people associate with motion pictures and the watching of. It is a brand that stands for videogames — something that Sony seems to no longer care about.

Just look at the last two updates for the PSP. You got Internet radio, and Skype. (And GPS is coming.) Does it make the PSP a better game console? No. Doing several things mediocre doesn’t make it worth buying.

The PS3 has also shifted its focus away from gaming. Sony touted it as the best Blu-ray player, not the best videogame console. They did say it had 4D graphics, or something, but never even a mention of it being decent. Instead they focus on ridiculous claims of the best movie player, and can sync with your other non-videogame portable, and you can view your pictures with the on again, off again card reader slots.

I’m hoping Sony doesn’t spend the time and resources constantly updating the Blu-ray functionality. Stick to the gaming aspect and let the people who want a high def movie player buy their own.


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