The case of the missing Xbox

liveThe strangest thing happened today. I was at my local game store scoping out Condemned 2 when I noticed a disturbance in the Force, coming from the upper right hand corner of the box.

The Xbox Live logo, the logo that had been a mainstay since the 360 launch, had changed. No longer was the Xbox tethered to Live. Live was sitting there on its side of the box all by its lonesome.

How long has Live been sitting there alone? Actually not that long. I noticed that MLB 2K8 had Xbox and Live together in the upper right hand corner and it was released only last week. Condemned 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 are the first to adopt this change. Is it permanent? I have no clue. We’ll have to see if Rainbow Six has it next week. But why the switcheroo, Microsoft? Did you suddenly decide you needed to ration green ink in the printing process?

Hit the jump for a pair of blurry cell phone pics showcasing this strange turn of events.





What does this mean for the future of Xbox or the Live service? I am going to guess it has something to do with Microsoft pushing Live on Windows and soon the Zune. Just a thought.


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