The DS Gets A Psychological Profiler

Some of the most popular games for the Nintendo DS are the Brain Age series titles, which pit gamers in various brain exercise tasks, from simple mathematics to reading stories. The theory is that a person’s brain power can increase with these daily mind calisthenics.

Developer Dimple Entertainment is looking to take the DS in a different direction–it’s developing a title that will perform a psychological profile of the user. The profile will then be "checked against up-to-date psychology findings." The game will feature four virtual doctors which will quiz the participant on such life issues as money, the future, personal relationships, and love.

The DS has always been seen as a vehicle for entertainment, but has moved into new directions with the advent of games such as Brain Age and Cooking Mama. Both games touch upon the world of reality and are not only fun, but serve as an educational tool. Brain Training (Brain Age in the U.S.) has sold over 2.4 million copies in Japan and continues to sell well, showing that the popularity of these types of games can be well received by the general public.

The new game will be released in Japan in May. No word has come from Dimple Entertainment as to the availability of the title for release in other countries.


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