The future is now. Games you control with pee

Piss Screen Piss-Screen peeing video game GermanyToilets all across Frankfurt, Germany are getting massive upgrades in the form of racing games you control with your pee.

Following in the footsteps of their spiritual predecessors, the makers of the Nintendo Wii, the team behind The Piss-Screen have opted for their unique control scheme in order to reach out to the vital drunkard demographic.

Drunks control a racing game visible on a screen above their urinal by shifting their stream to the left and right to steer. The game displays messages such as local taxi numbers at the end of pee sessions, and gives a video warning if you’re too drunk to drive.

All jokes aside. This is a really positive idea. Getting drunk people to drive less frequently is always good, although I’m wondering how many people will just hop in the car anyway and immediately drop trou and start trying to steer. Also, when can women get in on the pee-racing fun?

At any rate, you can see The Piss-Screen at their website. Here’s hoping for a rapid US launch, and maybe even some new games (I’ve got my fingers crossed for a multiplayer fighting game, preferably one where the characters all carry swords).


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