The God of War Movie

“God of War”, Sony,s blockbuster action video game based upon Greek mythology, is slotted to become a movie. Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to produce the film. The recent move by Hollywood to secure motion picture rights to video games has increased because these types of movies make money for the studios… if done correctly (see: "Mario Bros.") David Jaffe, head designer and director of “God of War” said in an interview with MTV that, “I’m not ‘sort of there, making the movie. I’m more making sure the property keeps its integrity and sort of a big fanboy on the sidelines excited to see it and hoping it turns out great. They ask me questions like, ‘Does this fit in the ‘God of War’ universe? Is this something Kratos would do?’" (Kratos is the main character of the game). Who will star in the movie? Some have suggested that Vin Diesel would be a good choice. Jaffe responded by saying, "[Maybe someone] a little less obvious who might not necessarily look like Kratos but can really bring that really brooding [attitude] and [the] inner demons struggling to get out of this guy. I think someone like that would be really cool." Jaffe is currently working on a version of the game for the PSP. There is no information regarding a launch date.


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