The Great Game OST Battle FINALE!!!!!!

64 games entered the Great Game OST Battle looking for musical glory. Now, we are down to just two. Two games will fight for the gold, but before that, we should pay homage to the fallen brothers. I present a musical tribute to those games that made the Sweet 16, including our final two.

Click here for the tribute!

Chrono Cross
clinched its spot the day before, but who will face Serge and company for the title? The answer is…

Metal Gear Solid 4 def. Final Fantasy IX

Updated bracket!

It was hard-fought, but Solid Snake and company have made it to the final. Of course, the Cinderella of the OST Battle now stands in their way. Who will walk about the champion of the first ever Great Game OST Battle? Here…We…GO!!!!


Chrono Cross vs Metal Gear Solid 4



Chrono Cross. #12 seed in the Citadel Region at the start of the battle.

Path to the finals:

Round 1: Defeated #5 Donkey Kong Country 2
Round 2: Defeated #4 Earthbound
Sweet 16: Defeated #1 Mass Effect
Elite 8: Defeated #6 Super Mario Galaxy
Final Four: Defeated Final Fantasy VII, #1 of the Midgar Region

Music scored by Yasunori Mitsuda.






Metal Gear Solid 4. #1 in the Shadow Moses Region at the start of the battle.Path to the finals:

Round 1: Defeated #16 Too Human
Round 2: Defeated #9 Resident Evil 2
Sweet 16: Defeated #5 Super Mario Brothers 3
Elite 8: Defeated #6 Final Fantasy X
Final Four: Defeated Final Fantasy IX, #6 of the Hyrule Region

Music scored by Harry Gregson-Williams, Nobuko Toda, and Norohiko Hibino.



The matchups are no more. The tournament is at its end. The only thing left to do for these finals is to…

VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1





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