The Last Remnant to change RPGs

The Last RemnantThe traditional Japanese RPG genre, while still strong in popularity and sales, is suffering from a lack of a new creative direction. As fun as the turn-based combat variations can be, they become old after the ten millionth iteration. Subtle changes to the gameplay formula are not going to be enough incentive for fans to pick up a new title.

Companies have already begun to tackle fresh ways to experience the RPG. Bethesada created a totally open-ended experience with Oblivion. BioWare is combining intimate human conversations with squad based gameplay in Mass Effect. Last year Square-Enix released Final Fantasy XII, which took the series in the gameplay direction of an MMO, but with a rich story included. With Final Fantasy XIII going back to the turn based roots, Square needed a new game for their company to redefine the RPG experience. Square Enix is hoping that game is The Last Remnant.

Being developed for simultaneous release in both the States and Japan, and powered by the Unreal Engine 3, The Last Remnant is Square’s answer to the changing RPG formula. Gone are the small squad turn-based battles and random encounters in favor of sweeping battlegrounds and up to seventy character clashes.

This is not just a hack and slash title. Players have to be aware where their forces are position for fear of being cut off and suffering loses. This results in the important Moral meter depleting. Lose too many allies, and the moral of the squad falls, and with it their ability to handle the enemies more easily. Careful squad planning, and positioning along with the ability to expertly execute button mashing sequences similar to God of War is the only guarantee of victory. The battles are going to feel active, and alive. The result is going to be a much more visually satisfying experience for the gamer.

Couple this new gameplay with the typical Square Enix story of a young boy who becomes a hero, plus the amazing visuals of the Unreal Engine 3, and it’s hard to see any crack in The Last Remnant’s armor. Here’s hoping the game lives up to the already growing expectations.

[Via Gameplayer]


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