The music of Star Wars: The Old Republic revealed


I have to admit, I’ve been on a bit of a Star Wars kick lately. With the impending launch of LucasArts’ Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, it’s all I can do not to squeal in delight every time a new video surfaces about the game. Fortunately, my cravings were satisfied today when BioWare released a preview documenting the work that goes into creating an original score for the game. Star Wars has always been known for it’s sweeping anthems that draw viewers into the fantastical, sci-fi world. With that in mind, SW: TOR is set to launch with over 5 hours of new music designed for the game, as well as pieces from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series and the original John Williams compositions.

Music Supervisor Jesse Harlin also explains that although music is essential to emotionally involve players in the experience, it’s also a subtle art. He divulges, "Music is such a funny discipline, because if you do it right, you hope that people don’t really notice it. If we do everything correctly, people will play the game, feel like they’re having this great Star Wars experience, feel like the worlds are really rich, and feel like the storyline is extremely emotional, but they won’t exactly be sitting there saying, ‘Oh hey, I really loved that action cue back on Ord Mantell.’ You just want it to be felt. The results are, I think, the best score we have ever made for a game. We’ve really achieved something really special here."

Well put, Mr. Harlin.

Check out the full video here.


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