The PlayStation Network has returned


In a video announcement made earlier today, Sony Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai declared to all PlayStation Network users that the online service that has been shut down for close to a month has finally returned.

The video, approximately five minutes in length, has Hirai explaining exactly in what capacity the PSN has returned and just what players will need to do in order to reactivate their accounts.

Here is what was restored in what Hirai called "Phase 1" of the restoration process:

– Sign-in for PlayStation Network and Qriocity services, including the resetting of passwords

– Restoration of online game-play across PS3 and PSP

– Playback rental video content, if within rental period, of PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service on PS3, PSP and MediaGo

– Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity, for current subscribers, on PS3 and PC

– Access to 3rd party services such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and

– ‘Friends’ category on PS3, including Friends List, Chat Functionality, Trophy Comparison, etc.

PSN users will be able to reset their passwords and gain access to the service as soon as they update their console after signing in with their old account information on either their PS3 or a PS3 that their account has been previously activated on. If the attempt comes from a PS3 the account hasn’t been activated on before, an email will be sent to allow users to reset their passwords online.

"The last few weeks have been tough for all of us," stated Hirai. "And please know that we’re doing everything we can to fully restore network services around the world and to regain your trust over the days, weeks, and months to come. I appreciate your time and support. Thank you."

IGN has also reported that service for all Sony Online Entertainment servers has returned as well. Both Hirai and Sony itself have announced that the company has upgraded its security measures in order to better combat attacks similar to the ones that caused this outage in the future.

"The company has made considerable enhancements to the data security, including updating and adding advanced security technologies, additional software monitoring and penetration and vulnerability testing, and increased levels of encryption and additional firewalls," the Sony statement said. "The company also added a variety of other measures to the network infrastructure including an early-warning system for unusual activity patterns that could signal an attempt to compromise the network."

As of 12:03 a.m. Pacific Time, the PSN has been restored to all areas of the United States.

To see Hirai’s announcement in full, just scroll below.

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