The PS3 can top the Wii and 360, analysts say

PS3Don’t you love a change in opinion? It seems that the analysts in Europe and North America have just changed their view on the PS3 and how it fairs when compared to other consoles.

Not long ago, these "analysts" condemned the PS3 to failure, with the 360 and Wii ruling supreme. Now, however, they have all switched their position and have declared that the PS3 will rise to the top while the Wii and 360 ultimately fail.  At the Nordic Game 2008 conference, David Cole, the DFC Intelligence analyst, stated that although the 360 is doing great in the US, it is declining in popularity everywhere else, especially Japan. The Swedish analyst, Martin Lindell, went as far to say that the Wii is a fad that will fall in popularity if it doesn’t come out with crowd-pleasing games sometime soon.

What did they have to say about the PS3? The PS3, for one thing, has a very loyal following of gamers that even held off on buying a next-gen console to wait for the PS3 release. This fan base has, in turn, brought the PS3 close to the 360 in terms of popularity. The PS3, they stated, will soon outperform the 360.

This, of course, is not definite. Bear in mind, these analysts have displayed an aspect of the gaming world, through their flip from anti-PS3 to pro-PS3, that makes it impossible for one to predict the outcome of any console battle — the gaming world is always changing. At this point, it is next to impossible to truly predict just which console will reign supreme.


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