The Rise in Popularity of the Tabletop Game

Tabletop games

There are so many online games out there; MMOs, MOBAs, shooters, fighting, racing, strategy, and casual games have all gone online in recent years. The internet is even a top resource for online bingo. With all this online multiplayer going on, it would be easy to forget the tabletop game. It may surprise you though, but these games are having something of a resurgence in the past few years, and with a few famous faces behind the surge, it looks like they are popular once again.

These games have made a comeback because not only are they social, but they offer something different than the same old first-person shooter, strategy game, or action adventure that we tend to see churned out these days. That’s not to say that tabletop fans don’t like computer games too, because they do. To see the fandom of tabletop games, you just have to look at streaming sites like Twitch.

The fact is, tabletop games offer a social style of gaming that can be taken out of the home and played anywhere. It can be taken to a bar, a café, or even out into the park if the weather permits. Cities such as London and LA are seeing a growth in such places where gaming like this is welcome. You’ll also see tabletop days organized to help the communities come together and grow.

Another reason that there is a growth in tabletop games is the inventiveness shown in the way these games are made and what they are based on. This can range from traditional RPG style games, to light family games, to deep strategies, to roulette style games. There are imaginations at work now that can put some very interesting concepts together.

The most important thing fueling the resurgence of tabletop gaming is that the designers are being inventive and fun. They are also bringing themes into the games that easily catch people’s interest. Just look at the work being done with properties such as Marvel and Star Wars to see that in action. Also, the continued success of Dungeons & Dragons helps to spur the movement along with even greater strength.

So even if technology pushes for bigger and better games on consoles, we can still rely on board games to always be there to keep us entertained. Even in places that don’t suit many games, board games are flexible enough to be played. If you grow bored of Call of Duty or Dark Souls, why not take some time with a good tabletop game? You may find yourself a little surprised with how much fun they can be.


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