The Wii's weakest link–software sales

software salesYou would think that the immense popularity of the Wii and the constant shortages of Nintendo’s game console would send the word out to the game publishers to develop more games for the Wii in order the catch the wave on profits. But according the, it just isn’t so. 

According to the logic, although Wiis are flying off the store shelves like free water in the middle of the Mojave Desert, game companies are still cautious about making games for the Wii. Why? The typical Wii purchaser isn’t a person who buys video games on an active basis.

These are your casual gamers–not hardcore people who normally buy at least one game per month or more. The attach rate or games purchased with the Wii at the point of sale is approximately two times less than that of the Xbox 360.

Additional figures also point to the possible Achilles heel for the Wii–relatively low video game sales numbers even for highly acclaimed titles.. According to The Street, Super Mario Galaxy, which received rave reviews, only moved 1.12 million units so far. Most industry experts were expecting at least 3 million sold units by the end of 2007.

So while the figures for Wii sales is keeping everyone grinning from ear-to-ear at Nintendo, if things don’t turn around, as far as increased software sales for the machine, the unthinkable may happen once the marketplace is finally saturated with Wiis-the sudden collapse of the game console because of poor revenue numbers from software.


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