There are more liberal gamers than conservatives

libsZogby International recently did a poll to see what the political beliefs of gamers are (who thinks of this crap, and better yet who cares?).

Maybe they thought that they could prove that conservatives are war mongers at heart and love to play games of greed and explosive warfare. Or maybe they thought they could prove that liberals were all powder puffs and gardeners, with tendencies to only play Viva Pinata.

Whatever the reasoning, they took 4000 adults from across the nation and broke them down to this: 37 percent of gamers are conservative, 39 percent are liberal, and 24 percent are moderate. With a +/- 1.6 margin of error, we could be looking at the same amount of gamers on the conservative and liberal spectrum. Wonderful.

The poll also took into account gaming preferences with conservatives favoring Madden, and liberals favoring games such as The Sims. An interesting fact is that all three demographics shared a common interest in Mario.

Mario for president?

via [gamespot]


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