This Week in Microtransactions

This week has brought us a new round of microtransactions for all three of the current consoles that may or may not be hooked up to your living room TV. Surprisingly, everything on offer this week is reasonably priced, at around five bucks or so. Without any further ado, let’s get to the bottom of a week filled with shockingly little rip-off.

Over in the Microsoft camp, it appears that the Guitar Hero II 360 guys are planning more downloadable content than any other game has ever offered. Producer Ted Lange told IGN, "We’re still in the process of confirming the final details and continue to secure more licenses, though nothing has been announced at this time, we can definitely say nobody will be disappointed. We are planning on having more online content than anyone has ever seen in a game to this date." Ted makes no mention of prices or specifics. Let’s hope these are songs and not cheat codes, folks. Guitar Hero really has no place for horse armor.

Additionally, NES classic Paperboy is now available on the Live Arcade, following last week’s release of Root Beer Tapper. For a paltry 400 Microsoft Points ($5 USD) all the nostalgia and frustrations can be yours: now in high-def!

Across the pacific, it looks like Blue Dragon has bought its users a round of content, on the house. That’s right, more difficulty modes–Hard and Super Hard–are available to its Japanese audience for free. Looks like someone over there was listening to the internet last week.

On Nintendo’s Virtual Console, Kid Icarus, Ice Climber, and Kirby’s Adventure will all attempt to lure you out of 500 Wii Points a piece this week. $5 is hard to part with, especially if you’re hungry, so be sure to do some research on these classics if you’re looking to make with the points. No worries about Kid Icarus, though. That game’s hot.

Sony’s hungry PlayStation 3 audience should ready itself for some free demo love in the form of Full Auto 2: Battlelines. Destruction Derby, an older PS1 title, will also be available for $5.99 today, but don’t come equipped without a PSP. It’s only playable on Sony’s handheld.


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