This Week's Game Releases: 3/25 to 3/31

It’s the start of a new week; this week ends March and begins the annual gaming lull until summer rolls around. But every-so-often, a game comes out during the lull to brighten our days, so here is this week’s offering.

Command and Conquer 3 – The long-awaited PC sequel to the classic RTS C&C: Tiberian Sun. Sporting an updated graphics engine, retooled RTS gameplay mechanics and the return of FMV cut scenes with a real Hollywood cast, C&C3 may be the game that will make people say, "Supreme-what?" An Xbox 360 version will be out in May. You can read our preview of the game here.

Medal of Honor: Vanguard – EA releases this latest game in its WWII shooter series for the PS2 and Wii. The game will feature new game mechanics like customization of weapons and a new opening segment where players can parachute onto the battlefield.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent – PS3 owners finally get to play Ubisoft’s latest entry in the stealth action game series. With the return of Sam Fisher, the sequel plunges Fisher away from the usual espionage in favor of daylight missions. Fisher has to maintain loyalties to terrorists in order to keep his cover but also to maintain his usual duties as an elite spy. The PS3 version is similar in game to the PC version (reviewed here).

Made Man and The Red Star – These two value priced PS2 games are notable because they were originally going to be published by the old Acclaim before that company went under in 2004. Made Man is a third-person, gangster-influenced action game (previewed here) and The Red Star is an arcade-style beat-em-up reminiscent of the arcade game Cannon Spike.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Shivering Isles – The brand-new expansion pack to the already shimmering RPG, Shivering Isles will treat players to 20-30 more hours of gameplay with a new realm to explore, more NPCs, and plenty of quests and adventuring goodness. PC players can pick up the expansion at retail or online at Bethesda’s store while 360 owners can only download it through Xbox Live.


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