Three New Titles for Virtual Console

Virtual Console News ImageEven though summer is winding to a close that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from releasing its latest batch of Virtual Console classics. The Virtual Console still can’t match XBLA in terms of volume, but with stellar titles like those released today it is growing in the right direction.

Here are the three new titles available for download on the Virtual Console.


Wave Race 64
Console: Nintendo 64
Players: 1-2
Rating: E for Everyone
Wii Points: 1,000 Wii Points

Wave Race 64 was one of the first N64 titles for the system. What really sold it to gamers back in the day were the amazing water effects, varying track conditions, and the ability to pull off stunts. Time hasn’t been kind to this title, but those wanting to relive the good old days when nine tracks, four characters, and handstands on a jet ski were golden, this game is for them.


Adventures of Lolo
Console: NES
Players: 1
Rating: E for Everyone
Wii Points: 500 Wii Points

Released in 1990, Adventures of Lolo was the first title in the Eggerland franchise to find its way over to the states. Being a NES game, the graphics won’t be the selling point. Instead it will be the old school gameplay. Armed with the Magic Shot and protected by his Emerald Framer, Lolo will have to traverse the treacherous haunted castle ruled by the Great Devil in order to rescue Lala, the girl of his dreams. And let’s be honest, with a weapon called the Magic Shot, this game is begging fans to buy it again.


Galaga 90
Console: TurboGrafx 16
Players: 1
Rating: E for Everyone
Wii Points: 600 Wii Points

Ah good old Galaga. Who can forget wasting mountains of quarters to this timeless franchise? It is not the original, but Galaga 90 is still in every way a classic. If the ability to choose the attack route isn’t enough, utilizing warp capsules in order to find and engage tougher enemies should keep hardcore fans happy. Even though there is nothing like playing the original Galaga on its original arcade cabinet, Nintendo is hoping Galaga 90 for the Virtual Console will be the next best thing.

It’s nice to see the Virtual Console getting more games, especially when those titles are old favorites like Wave Race 64. One has got to wonder, why Nintendo is still holding back on some of its best titles out there. Our own Eddie Inzauto said it best. Where is Super Mario World 3, Earthbound, or even Goldeneye? Only time and luck will tell if Nintendo ever decides to release these true classics. Until then, these three new titles will hold some over just fine.


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