Tim Schafer's next game revealed – Brutal Legend

doublefineAdorning the latest cover of Game Informer is the exclusive scoop of Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions’ next game titled Brutal Legend.

While the preview has yet to grace the internet’s presence, the tagline states, "A Rock n’ Roll Roadshow through the twisted mind of Tim Schafer…featuring Jack Black as Roadie Eddie Riggs."

If you remember, we ran a story two months ago that leaked the game’s story and title, but the word from Schafer himself was that "the whole thing was a lie. What I’m really working on is Zak McKracken 2 for the PSP." Well, Brutal Legend turned out to be true, so could McKracken 2 be on the horizon too?

Here’s the blurb about the game’s story from two months ago, "According to the story, the game is called Brutal Legend and will feature actor Jack Black as the main character, a Rock n’ Roll roadie who dies and ends up in Hell. A puzzle/strategy game ensues and looks like the game will feature multiple controllable characters. In addition, heavy metal will be a heavy influence in the game."

The magazine scan can be found below, which should give you an idea of the game’s presentation and visual style. Color me excited!






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