Top 10 (Plus 1) Most Anticipated Games Of 2007

Experience has taught me that oftentimes, gamers are better off taking projected release dates with a grain of salt, but I can’t help but feel like 2007 is going to be one of the best years in gaming history. There are enough high-profile titles on the way to drown a fish, and they all look outstanding. I had trouble limiting it to only 10 of them – so I didn’t. Here are my most anticipated games of the coming year:

(+1) Halo 3

Now I know somebody out there doesn’t care about this game, but the rest of the gaming world is salivating in anticipation. The third installment of the critically acclaimed franchise is set to be huge, with high-def visuals and enhanced online gameplay, not to mention the climax of the series’ story. The near-universal love of the series is clear, as Halo 2 remains the most-played game on Xbox Live to date. With the online beta of Halo 3 just around the corner, there is a lot to be excited about.

10) Blue Dragon

This one has already been released in Japan, and is responsible for selling more Xbox 360s there than any other game can claim. This RPG is the craft of a dream team who, when last working together, created one of the most lauded RPGs of all time – Chrono Trigger. A game that tweaks its genre just right, Blue Dragon does away with random battles, putting enemies on screen at all times. It also features a unique system for GETTING INTO battles, allowing players to string together fights, building momentum as they go, as well as drawing rival creatures into the same bloody fray – where they will attack EACH OTHER. Other points of awesomeness are the party of five characters, which all fight in every encounter, and the deep class system. It sounds like an RPGer’s dream.

9) Grand Theft Auto IV

Just one image. That’s enough. Heck, ZERO images would be enough for this game. We don’t know where it takes place, what time period it spans, or who the main character might be, but it doesn’t matter – we know it will be good. As of this posting, 19 days remain until the first trailer of GTA IV is shown at

8) Mass Effect

“BioWare presents…” Those words alone are enough to gamers excited. The company’s track record is indeed a sight to behold – they are responsible for Baldur’s GateNeverwinter NightsStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. Mass Effect’s gameplay is reminiscent of prior games, but with a few huge improvements. The branching dialog in this game is done completely in real-time. This will allow the player to interject as he pleases and give these interactions a much less-scripted feel. The combat has also been improved, with all-new tactical control over party members’ actions and equipment. Lastly, let’s not forget that the voice acting is excellent and the graphics are some of the best around.

7) Super Mario Galaxy

This is the Mario game we’re supposed to be excited about…and I am. It’s Mario in full 3D again, and with a slew of Wii-centric controls, Super Mario Galaxy aims to take gamers on a ride unlike any previous Mario adventure. My only reservation was that game might focus too much on a single theme, quickly wearing out it’s initial appeal (a la Super Mario Sunshine). Considering the variety of locales seen in this latest video, I’m not terribly worried, and can’t wait to try it out.

6) White Night Story

From the developers of the recent hit RPGs Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII, as well as the Dark Cloud Series, White Knight Story appears to be the game that could coax me into buying a PS3. Not only does it LOOK amazing, but it features a battle system unlike any other. Encounters are rendered in accurately choreographed sequences, where successful strikes on the enemy are mixed amongst a barrage of attacks that are either blocked or parried, before tasting the sweet reward of steel on flesh. As seen in the trailer, the protagonist is also capable of transforming into a hulking white knight, which is ALL KINDS of cool.

5) Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid is an incredible series, and MGS4 is sure to be an incredible game. Snake has grown old and battle-weary, but remains in the heat of combat, aided once again by his old friend Otacon. The jump to the newest console generation has done wonders for the graphical presentation of the game, and will propel the already stellar cinematography of the series to new heights. The story promises to be just as interesting as previous games, and will surely have plenty of underlying messages to deliver to eager gamers. This game will definitely be an experience.

4) God of War 2

If you’ve played God of War, then you MUST BE excited for God of War II. The first game was…well, awesome. It was fierce action combined with fun platforming and a top-notch story. If that game, and this trailer are any indicator, then God of War II is shaping up to be one of the best games the PS2 has to offer. We’ll find out this Tuesday if the term “swan song” is applicable here.

3) Spore

When Will Wright creates something, people take notice. The legendary designer is hard at work on an ambitious new game, entitled Spore. Borrowing elements from games ranging from Pac-Man to The SimsE.V.O. to Cubivore, it is what one might call a “life sim,” where players guide the evolution of of an organism up through the generations, and at the same time through multiple game genres. The game features a huge amount of procedurally generated content, from the creatures that populate the game world, to the very world itself. Furthermore, Wright has dubbed Spore a massively single player game, because as players progress, their creations will begin to show up in other users’ worlds. There, they become AI-controlled parts of that other player’s game, and are tagged with their creator’s information. From protist to intergalactic conquerer, there is just TOO much to Spore NOT to be excited.

2) Super Paper Mario 

As a huge fan of the old 2D Super Mario Bros games, as well as the stylish Paper Mario games, there is no describing how exciting Super Paper Mario is to me. Not only that, but when Super Mario Sunshine promised an “incredible new feature,” all I hoped for was a game that transitioned between classic 2D platforming and 3D exploration. It’s finally here. This game introduces a myriad of new character abilities and gameplay opportunities to gamers, and combines 2D side-scrolling, 3D platforming, and role-playing elements all into a single bundle of AWESOME.

1) Assassin’s Creed 

I am in love with this game. Besides the ability to navigate your surroundings based purely on the physics and structure of the game world, it is everything I could ever want in an action game. Free-roaming exploration, acrobatics, stealth, swordplay, horseback riding, assassinations, and BEAUTIFUL visuals. Additionally, there have been rumblings of a very unexpected and intriguing plotline. All this from the people who brought us Prince of Persia. *swoon*


There you have it – a complete year of gaming goodness.


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