Top Ten List of Sony Miscues

Anyone who has stayed up to watch Late Night with David Letterman is well acquainted with his "Top Ten" feature. The top ten is filled with humor and is a popular staple with viewers. Website PSPSPS has taken on this idea and created a top ten list of embarrassing public relations statements and blunders by Sony. Sony has taken quite a beating from the press over the past year, and much of it has been generated from within the very walls of Sony Corp.

Read the full list here, or check out some choice excerpts from the list:

– "The first five million are going to buy it [the PS3], whatever it is, even [if] it didn’t have games." Sony executive David Reeve gives the game away in an interview with Computer and Video Games.

– "It’s probably too cheap." Kutaragi again, on the PS3 to Japanese website IT media

– "It’s Ridge Racer… Riiiiidge Raaaccer!" Kazuo Hirai tries his best to drum up enthusiasm among an audience who don’t seem to be that impressed with a PSP port more than ten years old.


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