Tortuga: Two Treasures Explained in a Pirate's Words

With today being national "Talk Like a Pirate Day," it’s no surprise that CDV decided to release some new information on their upcoming pirate-themed game, Tortuga: Two Treasures. What is surprising, however, is the way they went about it. Rather than issue a normal press release, CDV decided to jump head-first into the pirate mania inspired by today. Due to our own pirate-loving ways, we couldn’t help but share this wonderful story with all of you. So sit back, grab a drink and enjoy, as one of the game’s main characters – Cap’n Hawk himself – explains just what Tortuga: Two Treasures is about.

Avast! I be Cap’n Thomas "’awk" Blythe, an’ ye be wantin’ t’ know ’bout guv’nor ‘Enry Morgan’s fabled fortune, would ye?

Hawrrr! Unaware ye be o’ the stories? Arr, well I will tells ye the story. ‘Enry Morgan were the most nastiest an’ notorious grog guzzler to council the fair isle o’ Jamaica. Silver to the south were singin’ t’ be plundered, an’ blackmail booty at the banks ‘n’ borders o’ the southern lands were all fer ‘Enry’s takin’. Ye be followin’ ‘ere, lad?

T’were said Gran Granada be unreachable to any sea-dog, but ol’ ‘Enry scoffed through an’ opened up its belly o’ treasures for Morgan t’ feast, an’ feast he did.

Next be Morgan’s finest fight, takin’ what be known as Porto Bello under cover o’ darkness. It be ‘ere at the final fortification ‘at Morgan would become known as ‘terrible’, wi’ the catholic clergy naught but shields an’ steppin’ stones t’ the man.

Morgan culled e’ery army, some sayin’ that there be no mercy, an’ Morgan not e’en be offerin’ ’em poor dogs a chance t’ surrender. Fame ‘n’ fortune favoured Morgan an’ ‘is gold bullion. Morgan, well, he be enjoyin’ ‘is riches, aye, but a man be broke in two when ‘is greed swells beyon’ ‘is body and grog drowns ‘is soul.

Now, the tale o’ what ‘Enry Morgan is forever famed for. The fabled treasure o’ a lifetime’s legacy, ‘idden away so no man can e’er find it. They say ‘Enry laughed ‘imself to sleep at night, knowin’ he be smarter, stronger an’ safe in the knowledge ‘at ne’er a person would e’er bask in or bathe in the bounty that sleeps wi’ the legend o’ guv’nor ‘Enry Morgan!

Ye be tickled by me story, eh?

Well, if ye be wantin’ to dance wi’ the doubloons, thar be things ye should be knowin’ tha’ me tale be too scared t’ tell.

Yer not be knowin’ o’ the deadly dangers ‘at be lurkin’ around e’ery corner, and I be bettin’ that e’en the name BlackBeard, son o’ the biscuit eater, ain’t even ’nuff to sway ye away?

Fightin’ like a land lubber in the riggin’ll be sure t’ earn ye a place in Davey Jones’ locker, an’ I only be needin’ swashbucklin’ buccaneers aboard me blessed ‘awkwind.

I be Cap’n o’ this ship, an’ ye soon be meetin’ me crew o’ gold diggin’ scoundrels, an’ they be the meanest, dirtiest dogs ye e’er did meet. Ye still want in? So be it.


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