Track and Field Review

Throw on those workout gloves and put your favorite Prefontaine documentary into the VCR, because Track and Field is now on Xbox Live Arcade.

No, this is not the one from the NES, it’s the one from the arcades. Most of you probably aren’t familiar with the latter, but don’t worry, you can still carry-on with loads of skillful button-mashing and make your character go for the gold med…er…pixel.

Button-mashing is definitely a large part of the experience here. People worry about looking a little stupid while playing the Wii, but they have obviously forgot about the seizure inducing behavior that goes hand-in-hand with ANY game of Track and Field. Warn your loved ones in advance, as they may call an ambulance. If this happens, don’t get mad, they’re just trying to prevent what they always knew would happen, death by video games.

So is button-mashing really all there is to it? Well, kind of, yes, no…maybe. It’s based off one of those game designs where if you lose at one of the later levels, you have to start all over. Broken? Almost. So, if you aren’t very good (see also: bring teh suckage) then all you’ll ever experience is the button-mashing dash on the first level. If you get a little better, you might try your hand at some of the events that require the pressing of the "Action" button. I know, it sounds complex, but I assure you, it won’t blow your mind clean outta your poophole. If such a thing does happen, have your next of kin send the cleaning bill to Brendon.

Multiplayer is great fun, but almost any game can be made better by having friends around experiencing the game with you. The worst part is that on some games, you have to take turns. Sorry Mr. Track and Field, I can’t give you much credit there.

You do get credit, though, for your ability to entertain me even though you lack depth, a unique art style, and…

There’s something here that most people will find enjoyable, but if you’re one of those people that have a hard time justifying a four to five dollar investment in something that you may or may not enjoy, download the demo and ask yourself these questions: "Do I like to test the durability of my plastic controllers?" and "Do I like to look like a complete jackass while playing a video game?"


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