Turning Point is too "high concept" for reviewers

Turning PointEveryone is bound to disagree with videogame reviews at some point. This is especially true if the game in question happens to be made by the company that you run, and the reviews in question happen to rate that game around the 45 percent mark.

In a recent interview, Spark Unlimited CEO Craig Allen adamantly defended his development team’s recent release, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. He said that the game is too much of a "high concept idea" for the "core gamer," and that "if people look at it in the right way…they really enjoy what they see."

Unfortunately, Mr. Allen, arguing with review scores isn’t going to change the inherent quality of a title. Somehow, Turning Point is obviously failing to be as enjoyable as most would hope.

As far as Turning Point’s "high concept" goes, I think it does sound quite interesting. It is about what might have happened if the United States had never entered into World War II, and Nazi Germany had emerged victorious from that conflict. I haven’t actually played the game, though, so I can’t offer a solid critique. If other reviewers are to be trusted, it would appear that although the idea behind the game is indeed interesting, it simply fails to deliver in either the gameplay or storytelling departments.

Even Lady Liberty is showing us her sad face.



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