Two El Matador Demos Available

A pair of single player demos for Plastic Reality Technology,s upcoming third-person action game, El Matador, were released today. Weighing in at a hefty 967 MB and 950 MB respectively, each demo features the same in-game tutorial but a different level. Due to both demos sharing the same InstallShield config, only one demo can be installed at a time. The first demo features a mission titled "Chapter 6 – Fire on Water" while the second demo contains a mission called "Chapter 3 – The City of Eternal Spring." Find the demo on any major downloads site.

If one thing immediately struck my mind when I played them, it was that this game is like the game Max Payne but with enhanced visuals and a slightly different story. Many things are similar, bullet-time, third person gun-wielding game play, similar gun sounds, similar in-game menu system, and similar weapons. Still, the game features a very beautiful graphics engine supporting several current-gen technologies, like specular shaders, soft and indoor shadows, HDR lighting, post-processing FX, AA and anisotropy.

In the game, you play a DEA agent adventuring through South America while hunting down drug warlords. Release is set for next month for the PC. The official site can be found by clicking this helpfully underlined and colorized text.


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