Ubisoft Misfires With Missing GRAW2 Co-op Mode

If you purchased Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and were looking forward to playing the Exfiltration co-op mode, as was described on the game’s blogsite, you’ll be hard pressed to find it. It’s not in the game. It turns out that this missing mode was inadvertently leaked and that it will not appear in GRAW2 on Xbox 360. At least, not yet.

According to Christian Allen, the creative director of GRAW2 Xbox 360 Online, "Co-Op Exfiltration is a game mode that we were working on late in the dev process for possible future inclusion in DLC or another platform of the game. We have so many game modes that this description accidentally leaked into the blog. So now you have a sneak peak of some things possibly to come. Hope that clears things up; and players enjoy the hundreds of other co-op game mode combinations available in GRAW2."

Some GRAW2 fans, however, were not pleased at the clarification and instead took on a more cynical view of what happened. One poster on the forum voiced the concern that this may just be a ruse to make the Exfiltration mode something that Red Storm could charge its customers for later. Forum member RtecBilabong stated:

"OK, so they weren’t finished yet, and still they were said to be in the game? Those gametypes better be released FREE OF CHARGE. We were told by the Associate Producer that there would be those gametypes in the game. He’s the second person listed on the multiplayer credits. I highly doubt he was unaware those gametypes weren’t finished. They better be free."

Now that the word is out about the game mode, it may put enough pressure on Ubisoft and Red Storm to actually provide the new co-op for free. While it may have initially been intended as a microtransaction, this could turn into a PR nightmare if gamers are ultimately asked to open their virtual wallets.


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