Ubisoft moving to develop 3D video games

3DWith the present gen game consoles emphasizing better graphics and unique game interfaces, we have to wonder what’s next in the evolution of gaming. Some industry voices have given the opinion that 3D gaming will be the next frontier.

Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, not only believes this; he is heading the company into producing 3D content for movies, books, a television series, and video games. But there is a catch to seeing these wonderful pieces of media on your television–you’ll need a special TV to view the content.

Guillemot explained, "The deal is to build a 3D experience on top of the normal experience. Avatar (the movie tie-in game) will have both. It’s with glasses on a specific TV. I’ve seen it–it’s amazing. No. It doesn’t work on normal TVs. It means we will see an evolution on the TV. They are already in Best Buy in the US. You can already buy these TVs."

3D movies have been with us since the 1920’s with a surge of popularity in the 1950’s. Although interest was high during that time, 3D has always been seen as a gimmick and has never really received a lot of mainstream acceptance. But if this new tech could be integrated into video games without a lot of fuss and bother, it could mean a new era of gaming experiences never seen, literally, ever before.

The big question is whether or not other game companies will join in the experiment. If Ubisoft’s commitment to 3D games proves successful, it just may open the door for others to follow.

Imagine, Gears or GTA in 3D. We can only dream for now.

[via eurogamer]


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