Ubisoft puts faith in Kinect to move industry forward

fighters uncaged

Motion-controlled gaming isn’t the big deal it was when Nintendo first showed off the Wii five years ago.

It is, however, still a growing force in the gaming community.  Perhaps SEGA was ahead of their time when they introduced the Activator for the Genesis back in the early ’90s, or Nintendo with the Power Glove before that, though I’d reckon the Kinect is just a little bit more advanced.

Ubisoft has certainly shown their faith in motion-controlled gaming, as the company plans to release four major games (Child of Eden, Fighters Uncaged, Motion Sports and Your Shape Fitness Evolved) for Kinect.

Laurent DeToc, the North American chief executive for Ubisoft, said during a speech on Tuesday that Ubisoft learned a lot about motion gaming from their time working with the Wii.

In regards to their four games, DeToc said, "This is testament to our belief that Kinect is going to do very well."

"For the past 20 years in this business, we have always seen that technology helps the industry move forward and grow," he added.

Contrasting from the ways gaming advanced in the past, it’s not as much about upping the visuals, but enhancing the way we play, he said.  "This is a clear change in the innovation pattern compared to what we have seen before."

In an attempt to keep from ignoring Sony, DeToc told reporters, "Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Move are important products that will keep video gamers coming into the stores during the holidays."



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