Ubisoft Wants No Part of EA Takeover

Although it has been two years since Electronic Arts purchased a surprise 20% share in Ubisoft, the French studio still harbors some trepidation regarding EA’s interest. The main concerns at the company is that EA, known for taking over studios, could be setting their sights on a controlling share in Ubisoft, or an outright purchase.

Ubisoft Executive Director Alain Corre, shot down the possibility, saying to GamesIndustry, "We have the capability, the management, the brands, the studios and the energy to go on alone."

To emphasize his strong opposition to such a takeover, Corre referred to such an action by EA as extremely hazardous for the game industry. "I think it would be dangerous for a company like Ubisoft to get together too much with a company like EA, because it could kill creativity–and in our industry, I think that’s key."

Corre also alluded to the fact that being an independent company has helped Ubisoft to continue its profitable course. "The plan is for us to go on developing the business ourselves. What we have proven over the last 18, 20 months after EA got into our capital is that being independent, keeping our own strategy, was very lucrative and was the right thing to do."

Corre,s statements may not only be a gesture to encourage Ubisoft staff in the company,s independent direction, but also serves as a warning to EA, indicating that Ubisoft may not go quietly into the night.


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