UK in uproar over iPhone "Slasher" game

knifeGamers who have the iPhone are always on the hunt for games to play on the cool device. But one game, "Slasher," has started a wave of indignity and concern from the citizens of the UK.

The game depicts a knife in attack mode and shows the knife, stabbing their victims. The reason why the game has caused so much attention is due to the recent crime wave in Britain where teenagers have been attacked and stabbed to death. Fiction mimicking real life is too much for some.

"We are facing a knife crime epidemic in the UK. This is irresponsible and pathetic," said one Apple customer.

Another remarked, "What is Apple thinking? This is offensive."

The uproar over knife-based games also caused the usually loyal Apple fans to protest against a Facebook application that allowed members to conduct virtual knife attacks on other members. The knife icon was later removed due to the numerous objections.

If anything, Slasher is considered very bad taste, or just being downright insensitive by many in the UK.

Others, however, see it differently. On father of two children said, "It is all promoting violence. This is ridiculous with the way [the UK] is at the moment."

[via TheSun]


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