Unreal Tournament 2007 for PS3?

Last year during a conference held before E3, Epic cofounder Tim Sweeny announced that they had received a PS3 software development kit. Also during his speech, he showed off a little tech demo of a first person shooter using the dev kit for the PS3 which he claimed was “easy to program." From the looks of things, the demo was Unreal Tournament 2007, one of the upcoming titles from the Unreal series which will be using the Unreal Engine 3 technology. Epic and Sony were still at that point unsure whether the game was going to be released for the PS3. According to the January 2006 issue of PSM Magazine, both companies have confirmed that the title will indeed be released on the PS3, which would make it Epic’s second FPS for the next-gen consoles. Gears of War for the Xbox 360 is slated for a 2006 release, which means that it might come out after UT 2007 for the PS3. Not only did the article say that UT 2007 would come out on the PS3, but it would debut on the console as well. The PS3 is set to launch in springtime 2006. During the holiday, reports were going around the forums of Atari, who published the Unreal franchise until Epic picked it up from Midway, that the game might not be a launch title for the PS3 after all. This was posted by a forum member who claimed to be an “Epic Producer”. The poster also stated that it wasn’t sure where the media was getting their news from and that the game will be out for the PC first, after a pre-release demo of the title. After being contacted by other sites, PSM commented that their magazine was “told personally” by Midway and Epic reps that the game would be ready by or near the launch of the PS3. Statements from Sony, Midway, and Epic are still pending.


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