UPDATE: Marvel.com reveals two more MvC3 fighters

Two Revealed Fighters Battle

Don’t you hate it when your partner didn’t get the memo?

Marvel.com, apparently excited about the four new characters that were revealed for Marvel vs Capcom 3 earlier in the day, decided to get in on the action and reveal two characters themselves.

Who were they? Well, from the Marvel side, get ready to unleash the fury of Odin as Thor!

Thor in MvC3

And on the Capcom side, straight from the 2006 classic Okami, iiiiiiiiiiit’s Amaterasu!!

Amaterasu in MvC3

This brings the known or "revealed" roster to 16 (Ryu, Dante, Chris, Morrigan, Felicia, Chun-Li, Trish, and Amaterasu for Capcom; Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Deadpool, Captain America, Dr. Doom, Super Skrull, and Thor for Marvel). Expect more from Marvel vs Capcom 3 at San Diego Comic-Con, kicking off today.


UPDATE: It is official. Capcom revealed the two today during their one-hour Marvel vs Capcom 3 panel. Here’s the reveal videos.





That bumps the roster total to 16 confirmed playable characters, with Viewtiful Joe hinted at and Dormammu revealed, but not confirmed as playable. Marvel vs Capcom 3 is due out in Spring 2011.


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