Update: Zelda not coming to an online game near you

The Legend of ZeldaSorry, Zelda fanboys, but Zelda Universe isn’t an upcoming Zelda online game, despite the great write-up and team effort by Eddie and Justin on the original article. Turns out it’s a rating from 2000-2001 for a Zelda flash game on the official Zelda site which is now gone. You can tell it’s an older rating based on the games surrounding it if you do a simple search for all online ratings at the ESRB’s website, and then go through the pages until you get to Zelda Universe.

I’m not entirely sure why it stayed quiet for so long with all the Nintendo fanboys out there (you’d think eventually someone would notice a Zelda rating with an online note and start spreading the word), but alas, it is not to be. Of course, you could always LARP your favorite Zelda scenes and moments with friends… Maybe get a little of the original Legend of Zelda in there, then recreate Link’s progression through time in Ocarina…

Actually, that’s a stupid idea. Just go back to dreaming about an online Zelda, and in the meantime if you want to satisfy your craving, play any number of decent online games where people are bound to have named their characters Link, xXxLiNkxXx, and even L1nK. Unfortunately, it’s the closest we’ll get to online Zelda. (For now?)





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