US Government to search for terrorists in WoW

wowcomicIf real life terrorists weren’t enough for the regular US citizen to worry about, the United States Government seems to think that these extremists also have a second home in World of Warcraft. The Reynard project is the defense against these terrorists.

While only in the beginning stages of development, the project is claimed to be able to detect abnormal behavior in the World of Warcraft environment, which will then translate in being able to find any odd actions on the online world in general. While World of Warcraft is the testing area, the world wide web and all of it’s subsections are the ultimate goal. While this is all well and good, it is odd and confusing why World of Warcraft is the target to be tested.

One could argue the ten million subscribers is a great base to test on, but I doubt terrorists have the time, or desire to play a game like World of Warcraft. What is likable about this project is that it is unclassified, and all results will be available to the general public. I’m just curious on what counts as "detect violent extremists infiltrating World of Warcraft." Good luck trying to find these people on PvP servers since the entire point of that experience is to take down the other faction. Whole city raids are the norm, not the exception.

Some may throw on the tin hats, saying they are being spied on; but with Blizzard’s various watchdog programs always running you’ve already accepted some level of privacy being taken away. Also the big positive about this is Blizzard may come away with data which allows them to instantly catch gold farmers the moment they make a new character, and I know all of us would love to not have to deal with their antics anymore.

[Via Wired]


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