UT3 coming to Xbox 360 in 2008

ut3 360 confirmed

Epic Games VP Mark Rein has today confirmed that Unreal Tournament 3 is still destined for the Xbox 360 sometime in 2008, putting to rest talk of the game being a PS3 exclusive, console wise.

Yesterday, Epic Games President Mike Capps was quoted as saying "Were just on PlayStation 3, so we get to focus on that platform." According to Mark Rein the quote was taken out of context, and the 360 version was never in any doubt.

With the success of Gears of War on the 360 one has to wonder how Epic could ever think of not releasing the game on the console. The game will sell many copies based soley on the fact that 360 owners will see that the creators of GoW are releasing another shooter.

With the release of the UT3 Beta Demo on PC, the PC release in just over a month and the purported release of the game on the Playstation 3 before 2008, Unreal Tournament 3 has gone from yet another coming soon next-gen title to being just around the corner. While this might not be so for Xbox 360 users, one can only hope that the game is only a few months behind in development and early next year we’ll be able to see gamers from all 3 platforms enjoying the game.

I was extremely impressed by the beta demo, and it didn’t even include the much-hyped Warfare gametype. It simply harkens back to the days of balls-to-the-wall, extremely fast-paced gameplay and succeeds on so many levels. It’s not about trying to get in there to stop the evil overlord from whatever, just get in there to kick the other guys ass!

[Via ComputerAndVideoGames]


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