Valve pitches and talks Counter-Strike 2 ideas

counterstrikeYou may think with all the recent attention Valve has given to Team Fortress 2, they may have forgotten its first child, Counter-Strike. Despite not receiving a major game update since the release of Counter-Strike: Source in 2004, the Source remake constantly remains in the top played games on Xfire everyday.

In an interview with GameTrailers TV, Doug Lombardi, vice president of marketing, compared updates to Counter-Strike with updates to any online game.

"We will never abandon Counter-Strike. It’s a little bit unfair to compare Counter-Strike, I think, to your classic game that’s gonna have these sequels. It looks a little bit more like an MMO where it’s constantly [being updated]."

In the least bit, Valve is thinking of how to reinvent Counter-Strike. "With Counter-Strike 2, there’s a big question between, do we go start over from scratch and build this whole new game, do we do something that looks more like Team Fortress 2 that is rooted in the old game but has a ton of new stuff, or do we just sort of take everything that’s new that we’ve released and put that out in a new box.

I think we’re leaning more towards the two more radical places than just sort of rolling up the new box and reskinning the box and putting out all the new stuff."

Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, ended with a brief quip addressed to the community, I think it sums up Valve’s intentions well. "But if I get 15,000 emails from customers in response to this interview telling me ‘Of course it should be in [the next Orange Box],’ then of course we’ll pay attention to that."

[Via Shacknews]


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