VC 4/9 Releases: Mascotism

Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see. Move along.

Per usual, the Virtual Console gets three more titles added to the pile today, but this marks another week where Nintendo seems to have forgotten to show up, and sits ever firmly on its own back catalog. Remember when Japan got a megaton of titles on launch day, while the US got completely shafted? Well, the shaft runs a little deeper this week. And a little colder…

By default, the best of the bunch would have to be Galaga, at $5. 500 Wii Points isn’t too much to part with, but this is exactly the same title that released back on the NES, with no new bells or whistles. Chances are, you’ve played any number of more superior ports (including the HD 360 version), so unless you’re some Namco/Galaga diehard, take a pass.

But Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle is probably the biggest rip-off the VC has yet seen. At $8, it’s overpriced by about $7.99. A poorly conceived stab at "mascotism" — not too far from masochism, you know — this derivative, generic sidescroller from the days of derivative, generic sidescrollers isn’t even worth the expensive laugh. Don’t even think about it. Don’t… even.

Bravoman, another cheeseburger, will attempt to swindle you out of $6 that you surely earned in hard, honest work. Don’t waste your precious wages on this turd. Another fine example of "mascotism," this TurboGrafx-16 oldie was probably attempting to ride the Mega Man wave. Only this wave had room for one mascot. For Mega Man. Don’t.. even.

Nintendo. Here’s a clue. Super. Metroid.

That is all.


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