VC Releases 4/16: Case of the Mondays

Wii-owning Virtual Console downloaders have a couple surprises in store when they fire up their favorite wacky waggle machine today. And by surprises, I mean good. And bad. Yeah.

For starters, pass up on the too-expensive Sega Genesis Virtua Fighter 2 port that’ll await you at the virtual gates with all the welcome of a needy beggar in need of singing lessons. $8 will buy you what will surely be remembered as the lousiest Virtua Fighter game of all time. For serious. The words "lousiest" and "Virtua Fighter" go together about as fluently as a peanut butter and salt sandwich, so before you pull the alarm, understand that this is the incomprehensibly watered down and absurdly unnecessary Genesis port — not the most-excellent Saturn version. Don’t embarrass your taste in Virtua Fighter by downloading this crap. Nintendo, stop letting these turds through.

When you’re done avoiding VF2 like a plague of evil, demonic zombie muffins, insert coin and drop $5 on Punch-Out!!, that totally rad-awesome NES boxing gem from, like, the first grade. It’s exactly how you remember it, kiddos. Rad-awesome.

Then there’s Bonk’s Revenge. Sequel to the previously released VC download, Bonk’s Adventure, $6 buys you a quality little adventure. Hard, fast and beautiful, this one’s for the mascotists in the room. And you are legion, at least on a Nintendo machine.

Ahem. Super Metroid. Still waitin’.


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