Vicarious Visions bashes New York legislation

visionslogoIn response to the recent legislation in NY, involving videogame rating regulation and enact restrictions on game sales, Vicarious Visions CEO Kathrik Bala and president Guha Bala have drafted an op-ed column in the Albany Times-Union.

They are critical of the state government’s actions, have defended the industry as an economical boon and offered alternative solutions:

"We are deeply troubled by the prospect of New York enacting legislation that would treat video games differently from other protected, creative expression…

We founded Vicarious Visions when we were in high school in Rochester. One of us (Karthik Bala) chose to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for an undergraduate degree because of the RPI Incubator Center. Vicarious Visions began in that incubator center…"

In 2005, we became a part of Activision… but we are committed to long-term growth in the Albany area… We have worked hard to keep strong, creative "home grown" talent here in New York, rather than having them leave for places like California and Florida…"

At a time when New York is working hard to maintain its competitive edge… we have to avoid stigmatizing video games and game development in our state."

"We know many in our state may not like the content of some video games, and, to be frank, we do not like some of it either. However, a better way… would be to… encourage use of video game ratings and parental controls…"

I always enjoy reading news of industry figures taking a stand against conservative legislation such as this. If only more would do so, the industry might stand a fighting chance.

[via gamepolitics]


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