Virginia Tech gunman had no video games in dorm room

A search warrant was issued to authorities to investigate Cho Seung Hui’s dorm room and has revealed that the gunman of the Virginia Tech tragedy had no video games in his possession. There were no game consoles in his room, no video games loaded onto his PC or laptop, and no game software.

The dorm roommate to Cho Seung Hui also said that he never saw Hui ever play video games in the entire time he was rooming with the gunman. In addition, the dorm room they stayed in had no television set.

The recent controversy over the cause of why Hui went on his shooting rampage was immediately blamed on violent video games by lawyer Jack Thompson and television self help guru Dr. Phil.

While the preliminary investigation seems to show no links to Hui playing video games, other CD disks found in his room will be examined to determine their contents. However, if indeed, the evidence shows that Cho Seung Hui did not play video game shooters, the theories proposed by Thomson and Dr. Phil show that not only were they misinformed, but that they used the tragic events to further their own personal agendas and create a media buzz.

[via GayGamer]


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