Viva Piñata fan proposes to girlfriend in game

Viva Pinata AnimalsWe’ve had people get married on World of Warcraft. We’ve had people engage in virtual dates in The Sims, and now friends and neighbors; you are cordially invited to attend the wedding of a hardcore Viva Piñata fan and his equally hardcore VP girlfriend.

Well not really, but this could be the next step in this virtual romance.

A Viva Piñata gamer in Florida proposed to his fiancée by sending her a virtual diamond in the game. You have to hand it to the guy…it’s a pretty interesting way of dropping the BIG question.

The VP gamer said, "I just bought a 360 and VP for the sole reason of getting my girl addicted to VP and on her own system." Sneaky guy.

He continues his distinctive discourse by saying, "Well, I decided to propose to her this evening, so I sent the only diamond my digger has ever found, with a note attached asking her to marry me."

"When she got it (across the room on the other TV) she giggled and said I was silly. Then I pulled out the real deal, got on a knee and started getting cried upon. She said yes, so next spring we are getting married!"

This begs the question: are they planning on raising a small family of MouseMallows and Elephanilla after they get married?

Only time (and some serious Piñata romance) will tell.

[via CVG]


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