VS Node 12: A Massive Effect

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Eddie, Jason, Matt, Mike, and Tyler have a roundtable discussion about the Mass Effect franchise and Eddie reviews Mass Effect 2.

Tyler Cameron, Mike Murphy, and Matt Erazo join Eddie Inzauto and Jason Fanelli for a roundtable discussion of the Mass Effect franchise. They focus on Mass Effect‘s impact on players, what it did right, where it went wrong, its significance for gaming, and where they want the sequel to take gamers, and then Eddie offers up his early thoughts on the first 23 hours of Mass Effect 2 in what turns into a full review of the improved and impressive sequel.

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00:00 – Welcome. Introductions.
03:14 – Mass Effect roundtable discussion and comparison.
29:05 – Interlude 1
29:21 – Mass Effect roundtable discussion and comparison, continued.
38:03 – Hopes for Mass Effect 2. What we’re most excited for.
48:38 – Interlude 2.
48:51 – Additional thoughts.
53:48 – Eddie’s Mass Effect 2 review.
76:35 – Thanks. Outro..

Intro: “From the Wreckage.” Interlude 1: “Feros.” Interlude 2: “Battling Saren.” Outro: “Sovereign’s Theme.” All music by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick for BioWare’s Mass Effect, 2007.

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Mass Effect in OAK


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