VS Node 13: Do You Want Files With That?

vs. Node Podcast

Eddie, Jason, Matt, and Kyle discuss the pros and cons of videogame DLC.

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Kyle Stallock and Matt Erazo join Eddie Inzauto and Jason Fanelli to talk downloadable content in VS Node’s 13th episode. The era of digital distribution is upon us, and more publishers are delivering DLC to consumers as a post-purchase transaction model to both profit from and provide for the gaming community. These passionate members of said community give their thoughts on which practices are actually good for gamers and which they’d rather see take a hike. They also examine a few specific examples to see if they’re really worth the money, and discuss the player response to DLC and different ways we consume these products in general.

Intro: “You Pay For What You Get” by Dave Matthews Band, 1994. Outro: “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer, performed by Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, 1949.

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