VS Node 7: The Resolution Revolution

vs. Node Podcast

Eddie, Tyler, Joe, and Creighton talk HD gaming — and everything else — on the biggest VS Node to date.

Eddie Inzauto hosts the biggest VS Node to date, with newcomers Tyler Cameron of GN, Joe DeLia of Big Red Potion, and Creighton DeSimone of Bleep Bloop. The quartet discuss the PS3 Slim, old and new software, competitive gaming, videogame controllers, realism, art direction, console lifespans, and more as they weave in and out of a lengthy and entertaining discussion about HD gaming.

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00:00 – Welcome! Introductions.
01:11 – Games we’ve been playing. Layton, Metroid, inFAMOUS, Shadow Complex.
05:05 – Beating Shadow Complex in under 20 minutes, 13 percent of items.
06:25 – Unattainable achievements.
07:49 – News: PS3 Slim.
07:59 – “Slim” name?
08:58 – Console size comparison.
09:41 – Backwards compatibility vs. re-buying old software.
12:00 – Eddie’s new HDTV and HD gaming.
12:31 – First HD moments, remembered.
13:00 – Creighton and Call of Duty 2 looking “AWFUL”
14:34 – Dead Rising in standard definition.
15:31 – Tyler’s almost-HD TV, and “a beam of golden light”
17:29 – Joe’s HDTV “magic aim.” The HDTV assassin. Bleeding eyes.
18:48 – The Wii on HDTV vs. SDTV. Better on SD?
20:53 – SD-only gamers missing something massive? HD-only players?
22:09 – Eddie’s early HDTV woes. Playing on the PC monitor. Newfound beauty in HD.
23:19 – Classic console games on HDTVs. What are the options?
24:55 – Controller options for games on PC. Controller wars.
28:23 – Do developers try to provide the best experience for both SD and HD?
29:59 – Voluntary sacrifices vs. developing two games in one.
31:20 – Finding an SDTV at retail.
32:35 – NES Zapper and light guns no-go on HDTV.
33:07 – Joe and all his gaming systems. Tales of the Virtual Boy.
36:43 – Do HD standouts get more praise for graphics than SD standouts?
42:16 – Getting away from realism
44:45 – Broad range of styles on XBLA and PSN.
47:24 – PixelJunk Shooter. It’s like a Zack and Wiki puzzle.
48:44 – Visual technology moving too fast for artistic exploration?
52:21 – Hardware longevity.
55:23 – Is the industry too focused on visuals?
56:35 – The never-ending Braid joke.
57:24 – The end! Just kidding.
57:35 – Gaming at 120Hz.
58:45 – The prerequisites for modern gaming.
60:01 – Sound matching visuals.
64:34 – Supersonic hearing in multiplayer. Joe has NEVER lost a deathmatch.
65:05 – Creighton and virtual surround sound on HDTVs.
67:02 – Joe’s 4-dimensional gaming setup.
67:40 – Thanks and outro.

Intro music, Main Theme from Level 5’s Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, 2009. “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles, 1979, performed by Erasure, 2003.

Guest Links:
Joe DeLia: Big Red Potion
Creighton DeSimone: Bleep Bloop
Tyler Cameron: Detroit Gaming Lifestyle Examiner

Click here to listen to the .mp3

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