VS Node 9: I Did It for the ‘Chievos

vs. Node Podcast

Eddie, Jason, Mike, and Dan discuss achievements, trophies, in-game rewards, and the value of each.

Eddie Inzauto, Jason Fanelli, Mike Murphy, and Dan Crabtree look at a few of the latest releases, then dive into a discussion about videogame achievements, trophies, and rewards in general.

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00:00 – Welcome. Achievement unlocked! Introductions.
01:06 – What we’ve been playing. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and “the scene.” Dragon Age: Origins.
07:50 – Natal launch detailed. Coming November 2010 for 80 dollars or less.
09:20 – Achievements and Rewards discussion.
09:33 – Are you an “achievement junkie”?
13:08 – Achievements and trophies as motivation to play.
16:55 – Achievements/trophies reiterating and reinforcing existing in-game goals.
20:02 – Player-created goals and their relationship to achievements/trophies. Developers preempting players.
22:54 – Can a game rely on achievements/trophies as its only rewards structure? Tying achievements/trophies to in-game rewards. Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Borderlands.
26:20 – Avatar awards. A middle ground.
27:49 – Importance of achievements/trophies to gamers. What was your first? Nostalgia vs. score padding. Jason’s getting ready for Assassin’s Creed II.
32:22 – Completion. In how many games have you earned 1000 gamerscore or a platinum trophy.
35:29 – Can a game’s rewards structure make or break that game?
37:50 – Social validation: “Whose is bigger?”
39:22 – Scalable achievements and trophies.
40:46 – The most ridiculous achievements/trophies?
45:15 – Can a game exist with no rewards? Maybe Superman 64
47:18 – Thanks, plugs, shoutouts, and outro. Gamers with hearts. You Earned a Trophy!

Intro, Microsoft Xbox 360 startup and achievement sounds. Outro, Sony PlayStation 3 startup and trophy sounds.

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Eddie’s Twitter – http:/www.twitter.com/EddieInzauto
Jason’s Twitter – http:/www.twitter.com/bigmanfanelli


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