Wait, Duke Nukem Forever might actually be released?

Duke Nukem ForeverWhat’s it been now, a decade since this game was started? I don’t know about anybody else, but I stopped caring about Duke Nukem around the turn of the century.

3D Realms on the other hand apparently still thinks that there is still interest enough in the character/series to justify the release of this game. A tiny little tidbit has been uttered by one of the folks working on the game that suggests that the game might be getting close to completion. "We’re doing a lot of polishing of set pieces, environments, and characters," said art director Tramell Isaac.

The word "polishing" suggests that all the content and game features have already been implemented and are up and running, and that the game is in it’s final stages of completion.

Personally, I have long held the belief that sooner or later 3D Realms was going to come out and say, "Roflmao, you fell for it. No seriously though DNF doesn’t exist. We were just f****** with you guys." Which would account for the most serious ‘punking’ (to use the parlance of our times) the gaming press has ever been subjected to.

Only time will tell whether the wait has been worth it for DNF. Games that see repeated delays over a long period of time don’t usually tend to pan out all that well, usually hovering around the pretty-good to solid range. Kameo and Malice for example. I may not especially care about DNF, but I certainly hope it avoids the doldrums of mediocrity better than Malice did.

[Via Strategy Informer]


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