Wall Street analyst confirms what you knew already

Sometimes, we wish we could work at one of those Wall Street analyst jobs that pay cushy six figured incomes to their market experts. The reason for this is because they often release "analytical" information to their investors that is either common knowledge among gamers or news that has been well known for months.

Case in point: Colin Sebastian of Lazard, an investment service firm, said that there were two things that kept the PS3 from being successful. (Please take a seat as these revelations are really earthshaking.) He said, "…we continue to believe that a significant pre-holiday ramp in PS3 unit sales is unlikely without a more robust title lineup and/or a hardware price cut." So in other words, he’s saying that the PS3 has to be cheaper and have better game titles.

Thanks for the obvious, bud. [Ed’s note: Beats having them try to predict the future.]

[via Gamasutra.com]


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