Want an Xbox? Trade in Your Uzi

Although Microsoft has nothing to do with this Xbox promotion in Mexico City, the execs at Microsoft headquarters are probably scratching their heads in trying to figure out if this "marketing" campaign is good for their image or not. There is a lot of crime in Mexico City and the authorities are asking criminals to give up their high powered weapons (shotguns, automatic rifles, machine guns, etc.) voluntarily. Guns that are turned in will be destroyed by the army.

People who turn these weapons in can do so without fear of repercussion. Individuals who participate in the program will be given a computer in return for their efforts. If you’ve only got a handgun, sorry — you’ll only get an Xbox or cash, according to Reuters.

The program started in the Tepito district of the city, reputed to be a hotspot for illegal drug trafficking and crime. So far, the program of guns for consoles seems to be a hit, so to speak. Police officials have already given away 100 Xbox systems and computers in the drive to clear the streets of dangerous weapons. Officials are monitoring the program’s activity and, if successful, it will implement the program in Iztapalapa, which is another crime laden area of the capitol city of Mexico.

We’re wondering if they are passing out copies of Halo with those machines. Probably not.


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