Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Design Commentary

The following is written by Dashiel Nemeth and is no way edited or changed by GamerNode, except for changes in font and other aesthetics like that which would not work correctly on this site.

When designing careers, we have a couple of really critical objectives. These start with character – the look, feel, and background of the career – and also encompass style and accessibility, which will make or break the experience of playing it. In essence, the career has got to be both cool and fun, and that,s no simple undertaking. To do this, we,ve established the character of each career, along with the essential elements of its function or role, and then built towards the middle, creating the entire package as a result.

With Black Orcs this wasn,t too tough. The miniatures are awesome, the art is intense, and in the end it,s a Black Orc and there,s a lot we know about them just from that, so character is a synch. Looking at his function, a few things are also obvious: He hurts people however he can manage, he uses weapons, even if those are his fists and tusks, and he,s also damn tough to kill. Square this up with our need to create a powerful Greenskin tank, and everything starts to come together just as nice as you please.

With the Ironbreaker we had somewhat less to work with – the visuals were great, but at a glance his character seemed to be almost generic to dwarfs. It,s become clear however that we,d got it backwards – the Ironbreaker isn,t like every other Dwarf, every other Dwarf is like him! Thus, we elected to focus on making him the essential dwarf. Capturing the qualities of sturdiness, steadfastness, and honor above all, we built a stout dwarfen defender who can hold a grudge like nobody,s business, and we dovetailed those concepts with mechanics that filled the role.

Careers – Black Orc

“Now den, some times what da boyz need is a lad what can take a beating, and beat back! Dey need a lad wif a serious pair of tusks! Dem needs a Black Orc!”
– Grumlok, Orc Warboss on Strategy

"Da bigger da Orc, da stronger da Orc.


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