We're not gaming enough!

consolegamingAccording to a report titled "State of the Media Democracy" from Harris Group, we’re not spending a lot of time playing console games. During an 11 day period from February 23, 2007 to March 6, 2007, Harris Group chronicled the number of hours different age groups played on consoles and the statistics are pretty surprising.

The report found that 13 to 18 year olds spent an average of 5.1 hours a week playing a console game while 19 to 24 year olds spent an average of 2.8 hours a week. On the average of both age groups, only 1.9 hours were played a week.

As for handheld games, the hours were even less. 13 to 18 year olds spend an average of 2.2 hours a week on a handheld while 19 to 24 year olds spent an average of 0.9 hours a week. The average was noted at only 0.8 hours a week.

Note that these numbers only applied to console gaming and the U.S. So what could be the reasons behind the low playing hours? A more casual atmosphere? Pick up and play equals shorter gaming sessions? Busy life style? Late-night superhero activities? You be the judge.

Here’s a handy graph that showcases the results:



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