"Western Game" label "Terribly Discriminatory" according to Square Enix President

Square Enix's president enjoying some Call of Duty

Square Enix is trying to convince the Japanese public that games from the West can actually be good and shouldn’t be shunned. Company president Yoichi Wada spoke out about this in a recent interview on Japanese TV about Square Enix and Modern Warfare 2, which the company published.

"Even now, there have been people in Japan using the label youge- (Western games) with a terribly discriminatory meaning," said Wada. "I’d like them to try it once. If they play it once, they’d realize how incorrect that label is."

The term "youge-" is used in Japan to separate native and foreign games that have been perceived until recently to have little to no interest amongst Japanese gamers. "Game" (ゲーム)refers to video games. "Youge-" (洋ゲー) means something different. It is meant to be used in a negative light.

"Japanese game makers have been overwhelming strong," Wada continued regarding the slow emergence and importing of western games. "Thus, perhaps it was not necessary to look outside."



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