What can we expect from the PS5?

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It is that time of year again, when leading technology giants such as Sony and Microsoft begin to leak information about their upcoming console upgrades. This will represent the ninth generation of console gaming, and while the launch of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One delivered huge changes, there will undoubtedly be further upgrades this time around.

With this in mind, what precisely should we expect from the highly anticipated PlayStation 5?

It won’t be called the PS5

According to Kotaku, Sony’s new console will not be sold or marketed as the PlayStation 5. Despite offering superior processing power and virtual reality capabilities which distinguish it from its predecessor, it is considered by the brand to represent an upgrade rather than a sequel as is therefore expected to be sold as the PlayStation 4.5 (or a similarly intriguing name). This has yet to be confirmed by the brand, but we would be surprised if it is classified or described as a true sequel.

It will be out by the end of the year

Given the fact that the new PlayStation will include minor upgrades and refinements to interior components, we expect to see the device before the end of the year. Many of the associated technology journals and review sites are proposing a release date in autumn or early winter, in time to capitalize on the festive market and generate the highest possible returns. This will be exciting for fans, particularly those who are keen to see VR integrated into the PlayStation platform.

A Vastly improved specification

While Sony is reportedly making minor changes, these are expected to have a significant impact on the PlayStation experience. While the release may come a little too soon to allow for 4k gaming, it will deliver the type of VR and Ultra HD technology that allows users to play games, consume media, stream content, and even play bingo as a source of entertainment, on a whole new level. Just be prepared for the fact that these changes will impact on the cost, although this would skyrocket even more if 4k gaming was incorporated.


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